Have you got your workhorse?

We are sure most of you already have this pan at home which we’ll like to call it the workhorse.

If you’re wondering exactly what we’re talking about, it’s the Heavy-Bottomed Pan with a lid. Some also call it a wok or a sauté pan or a chef’s pan. But this is exactly what we are talking about. We will call it the workhorse here!

One of the most frequently used item in the kitchen, this pan is medium in depth, has flat thick bottoms, round mouths and flared sides.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or a first-timer, having a workhorse pan is key to cooking at home because of its multipurpose functions which can be used for frying, stir-frying , braising, slow-cooking and any other thing that you can think of. This pan is also often used for browning on high heat and for dishes with sauce. It is designed to respond well to quick changes in temperature and have long handles.

Its wide flat bottom allows enough room to stir-fry the ingredients so that there’s no overcrowding. If the pan is too cramp, it’s likely that the ingredients get burnt or end up getting soggy. A flat bottom also allows the pan to rest more stably on your stove.

When choosing a pan, a long handle is important because you will need to move the pan around. Even if you do not flip ingredients in the air like what chef’s do, it is likely that you will still need to shake back and forth. A long sturdy handle will give you a great feel when cooking. So when purchasing a pan, check that its handle is securely fastened to the pan. You will want one that uses heavy screws with their handles. Make sure that the handles are also heat proof. We find that as you start to cook longer, some handles get heated up easily which make it difficult for you to hold.

Besides the handle, the lid is as important. Make sure that it fits tight to the pan. We personally prefer a glass lid as it is more convenient since you can easily check the inside, instead of needing to keep lifting the lid which may disrupt the cooking progress.

Now, have you got a workhorse in your kitchen yet?


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