Cleaning tips to help your cookware last longer

10 TIPS for cleaning and caring for your cookware

Most people enjoy cooking but next come the tiring and time consuming part – washing up! Worse of all, some stains are difficult to get rid of. Here are some tips to clean your pots and pans as well as how to care for them so that they will last longer.

1)       Before the first use and after each use, wash pans thoroughly with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water.

2)       Allow your cookware to cool down, ideally to room temperature before you start washing or soaking as sudden temperature changes may affect the cookware.

3)       Clean your cookware with a soft sponge. Never use abrasives such as steel wool, to avoid scratches. If you need to remove something hard on your cookware, try using nylon scrub or soak in luke warm water before removing with soft sponge.

4)       For aluminium cookware, do not use them in dishwashers or keep them in soapy water for a long period of them as this may cause discoloration.

5)       For non-stick cookware, use low to medium heat if possible. Prolonged exposure to high heat can ruin non-stick linings and weaken the cookware. Moreover, cooking at high heat increases the risk of having stubborn burnt food stuck to your pans.

6)       Try not to use metal or sharp-edged utensils to prevent scratches.

7)       If you are using stainless steel cookware, lemon based washing powder or detergent works best. It will also help to improve its mirror finish.

8)       Nothing will do a better job than vinegar when it comes to removing stubborn stains. Boil some vinegar with water and with some scrubbing, it should do the job.

9)       Salt is also useful. They can be used to remove stains such as burned milk from pans as well as remove grease from iron pans.

10)    Careful storage is also important for the lifespan and performance of cookware. We recommend storing your cookware on a pot rack instead of stacking, as it may cause dents and scratches which will reduce the life span of your cookware.